Monday, January 30, 2006

Her Last Message

Her Last Message
by Nadia Hanim AbdurRahman
I have a story that I want to tell.. The story of which I dont want to forget.
1 message received...
My handphone beeped, showing a message has been received. I was too lazy to reach for it. I left it on my desk which was only few steps away but I was too lazy. I had said that before didnt I? It was not really about laziness. I had already comfortably positioned myself under the warm blanket with a book in my hand. Exam was to be on the following day. So, I was studying or quite like that. I did eventually move for the handphone. I couldnt ignore messages. I simply love them.
It stated (nadiaaa... I miss you... miss you... come down to alex quickly...)
Such a message brightened up my day. I was smiling. Putting my handphone away, I thought to myself, "how strange but nice. Maybe I'll reply later after finishing my revision". It was Friday morning on the 30th of December, just one day before my birthday. I felt happy and old.
The message was from my friend in alexandria. She studied in a university there and mine, in mansoura, 4hrs journey away from hers. We had planned to get together after examination but she had already asked me to come down to her place. I would greatly want to meet up with her but I would have to concentrate on my revision for the upcoming paper. It was in the morning and my mind was sound and fresh. 6hours had passed and only few more pages to go when my handphone rang. It was already in the afternoon and my head started to ache. I assumed that the call was from the same friend. I was delighted. After a strainful revision, I could use a rest with a conversation. It was not her. Another friend was on the line, sending me straight to alexandria.
"Wait up my friend. I am on my way to alex and quickly too, just like you had asked me too. Forgive me, I didnt know". I arrived in alex but my friend was not there. She had been taken away; her body by the ambulance and her soul by The Allmighty Allah. I stared at her last message and replied to it.
It stated (Khadijaaah... I miss you... miss you also... I am already in alex...)
Sending message failed...
Our Dear Friend, Siti Khadijah Bte Ahmad had passed away (in Alexandria, Egypt) in the best of manners (HusnulKhatimah). It was on Friday and she was fasting. Those who are fasting are the nearest to Allah. Above all, She was in a state of seeking knowledge, to uphold the pure Islamic Knowledge so as to gain Allah's Redha. That is the utmost objective in the life of a servant to Allah.
May she be ranked among the shahidin and also the solihin. May we be gathered together in the hereafter with our Beloved Prophet Muhammad Sollallahu 'alaihi wassalam. Ameen
Ya Allah biha Ya Allah biha.. Ya Allah biHusnil Khatimah!